Public Education

Public Education

Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic the Fort Thomas Fire Department is CANCELLING the following:

Car Seat Inspections – April 19th

CPR/First Aid Class – April 25th

We will reschedule the inspections/class at a future date and time.

Thank you for understanding and should any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or phone (859) 441-8393.

Thank you,

Brandon S. Fromeyer
Fort Thomas Fire Department
130 N. Fort Thomas Ave.
Fort Thomas, KY 41075
(859) 441-8393

Fort Thomas 2020 First Aid/CPR Schedule

Class                        Date                                   Time                          Shift

CPR Only         Wed, January 15th              7 PM – 9 PM                    1

CPR/FA             Sat, February 15th               9 AM – 1:00 PM              2

CPR Only         Wed, March 11th                 7 PM – 9 PM                     3

CPR/FA             Sat, April 25th                      9 AM – 1:00 PM               3

CPR Only         Wed, May 27th                     7 PM – 9 PM                     2

CPR/FA             Sat, June 13th                       9 AM – 1:00 PM              1

CPR Only – $25/person (includes completion card)

CPR and First Aid – $35/person (includes completion cards)

All scheduled classes are held in the FD Training Room.

Group Classes can be provided on an individual basis, contact us to schedule.

We are now using for our CPR class registrations. To register for one of our classes, please follow the link below. You will need to purchase “tickets” for any person planning on attending.

 If you have any questions regarding registrations or to request a refund, please contact us at (859) 441-8393.

FTFD is now using to register for car seat inspections.

Upcoming Dates for Inspections:

Sun Jan 26, 2020        09:30AM-11:30AM
Sun Feb 16, 2020        09:30AM-11:30AM
Sun Mar 8, 2020         09:30AM-11:30AM
Apr 19, 2020        09:30AM-11:30AM
Sun May 31, 2020       09:30AM-11:30AM
Jun 21, 2020        09:30AM-11:30AM

 Seat Installations are now being scheduled via If residents have trouble signing up or do not have access to internet, have them contact FF/Medic Fromeyer for further assistance.

The link to register for a time slot can be found at:

Any questions or concerns can be forwarded to FF/Medic B. Fromeyer @ or (859) 441-8393 ext. 1220

The fire department assisted the Army Reserve 478 Engineering Battalion with their family day. We wanted the day to be educational but fun. Tug -O-War challenges for the kids and adults were a huge success. The kids performed the team relay race in firefighter gear and provided much amusement. The final event for the kids was to use a fire stream to knock a softball off of a cone. Everyone enjoyed the day.

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The Campbell County Safety House is a full size mobile trailer used to give hands on training to students and adults on home safety and escape. The students initially tour the trailer and are given instructions on various safety messages in an environment familiar to the students. The instruction is hands on and very interactive. While the spaces are small the rooms are realistic and furnished as they would be in a home. Lessons include safety in the kitchen around the stove, microwave cooking, kitchen appliance safety, fireplace, safe candle
practices, the sound of alarm and means of escape. The highlight of this tool is the ability to fill the area with simulated smoke and have the occupants practice crawl low to an exit and escape as we have discussed. This provides the ultimate in learning experience. This equipment owned by the Campbell County Firefighters Educational Association trained approximately 500 persons in Fort Thomas in 2009. The CCFEA provides all maintenance and insurance for this mobile training aid. All departments are asked to do is fuel the truck and clean the house on return. This is an excellent cooperative project among all fire departments and the Campbell County Fiscal Court.

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The department provides fire extinguisher training on request. Shown is a class at the Army Reserve 478 Engineering Battalion. The fire prop is a propane powered simulator with safety shut offs in the event of any problems with students or equipment.

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