Duke Energy Inspections

Duke Energy will be conducting inspections of gas metering equipment and piping located inside buildings in Fort Thomas between March 8th and March 20th, 2017. These inspections are required by the US Department of Transportation. Duke Energy has contracted with Southern Cross Inc. to complete these inspections at residences and businesses with inside gas meters. The Southern Cross technician will be readily identifiable by: a picture I.D. on the outside of uniform (both Southern Cross and Duke Energy), having a contact phone number that the customer can call for verification of the Duke Energy inspection, and driving a Southern Cross Inc. or personal vehicle with a Southern Cross logo. You should NOT expect to see the technician in a Duke Energy vehicle. For more information please visit:  https://www.duke-energy.com/home/natural-gas/inside-piping-inspection

City of Fort Thomas 150th Birthday!

Are you looking for a very unique Christmas present? One that will last for months? That others will also notice? Here’s your opportunity to be part of the Fort Thomas Sesquicentennial Celebration. Banners will line our streets beginning February 27, the official birthday of the City. YOUR family name or business name can be put on the flap below the banner. Please see the order form. We will provide you with a gift card for your Christmas order.

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2016 Farmers Market

The 2016 farmers market will open season June 1st from 3 to 7 p.m. at it’s new location, 90 Alexandria Pike in front of the Fort Thomas Antique and Design Center.  To sign up to participate in the market, please see the rules/regulations/sign-up form below.

2016 Farmers Market Season Rules

Watch Out for Scams

Over the past month we have seen an increase in cases involving fraud with the IRS and the tax filing season approaching. Several subjects have reported that an IRS tax return has already been filed or an attempt has been made to file a return when the victim has not completed their taxes yet. While this appears to be a national issue it is also affecting our area and city as well. Unfortunately, there is not a pro-active response that can prevent being victimized other than completing your taxes as soon as possible. Most people will not even know they’ve been victimized until they file their taxes and are notified by the IRS. A few steps to follow if this were to happen to you. The IRS request that you file a police report and then either contact the IRS ID Theft Hotline at 1-800-908-4490 or visit their website at www.irs.gov and follow the link for ID Theft. The victim must then fill out a two page affidavit with their current tax return (it must be paper not e-file). They also provide contact information for the 3 credit bureaus and other resources. It is NOT uncommon for a victim of the IRS scam to be a victim of additional ID theft through credit cards, bank accounts, etc.

Spring Clean Storm Drains

You can help protect public health, property and the environment by following some of these tips from SD1:

  • Sweep grass clippings, leaves and other debris off the street and away from storm drains. Dispose of all waste properly in trash receptacles or recycling bins.
  • Use fertilizers and pesticides sparingly on your yard and landscaping.
  • Never dump, pour or wash oil, chemicals, paint, yard debris, trash or other substances down a storm drain.
  • Rake leaves and other debris from your yard and place them in plastic bags or trash bins for disposal.
  • During the winter months or in the event of a late snowfall, try to shovel ice and snow away from storm drains to maintain a clear opening.For more helpful tips and information about how to prepare for heavy precipitation, visit www.sd1.org/customerservice/raineventpreparation

Battery Row Productions Presents: A Historic Walking Tour of Fort Thomas Kentucky

Discover how a military barracks, bare-knuckle boxing ring, the gruesome murder of a pregnant woman, and a local pub contribute to the rich historical heritage of the City of Fort Thomas.
The Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum has worked for more than a year with Battery Row Productions to create this walking tour–a tour which is much more than just physically walking. It’s done with smart phones and QR codes or on computers. You will see ten signs throughout Tower Park and the Historic Midway with short explanations of special sites. On each of those signs are also QR codes which will link to further explanations on our website. If you do not have a smart phone, you’ll be able to look up the site and see the entire collection as well as interviews with our local historians, including Gloria Sisk, Linda Rankin, Erik Geiman, Scott Froendhoff, and Betty Daniels. Dozens of historic photos have been included.
We hope you’ll spend time learning more about our much loved City!

What Day is My Trash Picked Up?

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A Message from Rumpke, Inc.

Rumpke is asking all customers to wrap mattresses and box springs in plastic before stetting them out to the curb for pickup. Due to the overwhelming outbreak of bedbugs, this will help keep their drivers safe from infestation. Rolls of plastic can be found at most hardware stores and are fairly inexpensive. Customers are asked to contact Rumpke in advance before setting out large items. If the mattress and box spring is not wrapped in plastic or called in for a special pickup, the driver will leave a sticker on it with instructions on action to be taken before the item can be removed.